The Strategy Capacity Planning Module is fed directly from your Releases and Orders.



Update that fully calculates your requirements down to the raw material level.  The Net Requirements portion of the update starts with your customer releases, subtracts what you have on-hand and in progress to determine what you need to build.  These Net Requirements are then pushed through the CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning) update to determine when you need to start the manufacturing process based on the capacity of your machines and the amount of time required to complete the desired quantities.  The capacity figures are then used to determine when the material needs to be ordered to have it available when needed.  Users have the option to select a starting date and they can elect to not use the current on-hand quantities for the inventory, if desired.



Inquiry screen and reports that show the Net Production Requirements.  These are the requirements calculated by taking the customer releases and subtracting what is on-hand and in process.  If desired, the calculated quantities can be modified using the What-If scenarios that are available.  What-if can also be performed that the capacity level by machine/job#.



Inquiry screen and reports that show the Capacity Requirements.  These are the quantities that you should be producing in each machine on the specified dates in order to meet your customer demands.   These quantities have been slotted into the appropriate date buckets based on parameters that you have defined, including lead times and standard run rates.  You can perform What-if scenarios at this level that allow you to modify what will be produced.



Creates a daily or weekly schedule by copying the current capacity requirements into a sub-module.  This allows you to re-generate the MRP without losing your current floor schedule.  The Daily Schedule prints and lists the quantities required along with the number of hours required.  The bill of material also prints with the quantity needed for each item.  A useful tool to send along to the floor.  The Daily schedule is automatically updated from the Production Reporting so you can easily see where you are on each job.



The Labor Requirements Report helps in planning overtime and/or the hiring of temporary staff.  The information in the Router file for the # of employees required at each operation is used to determine if additional staff or additional hours may be needed.



Report compares your current capacity requirements to your production reporting and provides a status report on how close you are coming to following the recommendations of the CRP module.