Reports showing the efficiency of production over selection time periods.  Efficiency can be shown by work center, machine, part#, or employee.  Selection options include range of work centers, machines, and part#ís.  Listing shows total quantity produced and scrapped along with total up hours and down hours and an efficiency percentage.


Listing shows all labor codes that are flagged as downtime, both scheduled and unscheduled.   Analyzes the total time spent on each type of down time.  A great tool to use in conjunction with Preventative Maintenance to help reduce the amount of down time on your production floor.


Analysis of the different types of scrap codes used in production reporting.  The report gives a total amount of scrap by part# or labor code for a selected time period.


Summary of production for a given time period.  Report shows machine, part#, op#, good pieces, scrap pieces, % scrap, pieces per hour, standard per hour, % standard, up hours, total hours, % up.  Report can be sorted by machine or part.