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E/Commerce Product Features

Order Logging and Reporting with the Database

PDG Commerce provides immediate e-mail confirmations to both the purchasing customer and the Web store merchant. In addition, Commerce will record all order information within the back-end database, as well as creating a text log file and exporable comma-delimted (.csv) log file. Log files may be retrieved via FTP, or the merchant can view the log files directly from within their Commerce Administration panel (requires SSL connection).

Using the Commerce Administration panel, users may choose to view orders based on the following criteria:

  • Orders within a specific time period*
  • Specific invoice number*
  • Specific registered user*
  • Sales by product- with a graphical display and the one-line product description
  • Total sales- with a graphical display and total value amounts

*The above listing of invoices can be set up to display one order at a time (perfect for printing), or all applicable orders on a single page.

For printing, all invoice listings and sales reports have the ability to display your own HTML header at the top of the page.

Commercial Database Options

PDG Commerce provides numerous database options for merchants to choose from. Customers hosted on a Windows platform may choose any ODBC compliant database, such as Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Merchants hosted on a UNIX operating system can utilize a mySQL database. Connectivity to a commercial database system allows merchants to collect and store customer information, utilize "shared" options to ease administration (allows the program to maintain less redundant information). Utilizing a commercial database also makes it far easier to link other applications (fulfillment, accounting, shipping, Point of Sale, etc.) to your Commerce database.

On-Line Credit Card and Check Authorization

PDG Commerce has includes built in support for multiple transaction gateways to allow real-time authorization of credit cards and checks.

Supported On-Line Payment Services:

Upsell/Cross-Selling Feature

An extremely powerful marketing tool, PDG Commerce's ability to suggestively sell alternate and complementary products; e.g. if a customer selects the "standard" version of a product, you can recommend that they also consider the "pro" version or if your customer chooses a pair of pants, you can suggest that they also consider a belt and socks. Simply specify related product skus and optional text in a product’s definition in your Merchant Administrator, and PDG Commerce will up-sell or recommend related products to your customers automatically.

Enhanced Product Search

In addition to keyword searches, PDG Commerce supports Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT), quoted strings, and allows for searches within a specific product category. PDG Commerce also supports searches within a specific price range — as well as searches greater than, less than, or equal to a particular price. Search results can be ordered by product SKU, description, or by the product ID (assigned by Commerce- most recently entered products would be displayed first).

Gift Certificates

PDG Commerce has gift certificates now. You can create gift certificates in your Merchant Administrator, or set up gift certificates as products and allow customers to purchase them. When a customer purchases a gift certificate, PDG Commerce can ask the customer for information regarding the recipient, and email the gift certificate. When the recipient logs into your web store, or creates a new account on your web store, that gift certificate is automatically associated with them. They can then use the gift certificate to make purchases. Additionally, gift certificates retain their unused balance between vists.

Discount Coupon Code

PDG Commerce supports 'Discount Coupon Codes.' You can create special customer categories with appropriate discounts, and then give out customer category code as a 'Discount Coupon Code' to your customers. When customers visit your web store, they simply provide the coupon code and will automatically receive all discounts and benefits of that customer category. There is no need for the customer to log in or create an account to utilize the coupon.

Multiple Ship-To Addresses Per Customer and Per Order

PDG Commerce allows your customers to place orders that are to be shipped to multiple addresses. This makes online holiday shopping simple for your customers. They will simply specify the various ship-to addresses as they place the order. Additionally, these ship-to addresses are stored in the database, and so customers can modify and delete them as needed, and reuse them with a quick click on future orders. Customers can also utilize this feature to create different shipping addresses for themselves, such as a "Home" address and a "Work" address.

Registered Users

Commerce allows you to offer your customers the option of creating an account with your web store. Registered users can store their address information (excellent for sites with a high volume of repeat customers), view previous order information, and accumulate bonus points to be redeemed with future purchases.

Customer Categories

Commerce users may group customers together within Customer Categories. The merchant can then extend special pricing (i.e. wholesale/retail, member/non-member) and different shopping privileges (i.e. customer may view product information, but not pricing) for each Customer Category.

Registered User management

Registered users may log in and update their account information at any time- without requiring assistance from the merchant.

Customer Categories Pricing

Similar to Pricing Categories in PDG Shopping Cart, this feature allows the merchant to maintain different prices based on the user’s Customer Category. For example a merchant can have both wholesale and retail Customer Categories and may set different prices for all products within the web store. When a retail customer shops at the site, Commerce would automatically display the pricing for the retail Customer Category. Merchants may specify a global discount; either a percentage (based on product base price or price with options) or a dollar amount can be applied globally, on certain product categories, or on each individual item within the web store.

Multiple Level Customer Access

Different privileges can be set up for different users or customer categories. These include the ability to view pricing, ability to checkout, and access to customer registration. If you sell only to wholesalers, you may choose to disable the ability for retail or anonymous users to view pricing or to checkout, while allowing registered users to go through the entire ordering process.

Frequent Shopper Points Tracking

Just like airlines reward repeat customers with "frequent flyer miles", PDG Commerce can track points assigned to products and provide a summary of an order's total frequent shopper points. This allows customers to accumulate credit or points toward some future reward or incentive. PDG Commerce also offers the ability to display the total points earned for Registered Users.


Now you can run sales and promotions just like regular retail stores. PDG Commerce allows you to establish quantity discounts by product, by product category, transaction subtotal, or any combination of the above. Merchants may set these discounts to apply to all users, or make them specific to an individual Customer Category. The Product Category discount allows merchants to give a flat rate or percentage discount based on the number of items purchased from a given Product Category.

Discounting with Options

Users may specify whether Category Discounting and Item Quantity percentage discounts are calculated based on the default item price or the price with selected options.

Administrative Accounts

You can now create accounts that can be used to access the Merchant Administrator. You can decide what access each account is granted. For example, you can create an account for your Merchant Administrator that can add and modify product information, but cannot access order information.

Store Builder

PDG Commerce's Store Builder feature is for merchants who want a quick and maintenance-free integration that will not require changes to Web pages as products are added and removed from their store. You can get your web store up and running by dynamically generating web store pages based upon product category. The Store Builder generates customized store pages "on the fly", each designed to conform with the look-and-feel of your web site. In addition to your product catalog, you an also have pages with contact information and any other information you would like.

Store Builder Skins

Now you can quickly downloads or create "Skins", which are packages that can contain templates, graphical buttons, and/or style sheets. With Skins, you can quickly change the entire look and layout of your webstore. Once installed, you can change between Skins with a single click. Skins are the perfect answer for your webstore if you want to have a standard layout, and yet also offer special themed layouts for specific holidays and events.

QuickBooks Integration

PDG Commerce comes with Accounting Accelerator, a Quickbooks integration utility. Using this utility, you can automatically import PDG Commerce CSV files into Quickbooks. The integration will add and verify your customer’s information in Quickbooks, enter any necessary product information, and import the transactions as either Invoices and/or Sales Receipts.

Importing and Exporting Product Information

You can import and/or export product information directly from the Merchant Administrator. When importing, you can choose to completely update your current product database, just import new products, or modify existing product definitions.

Froogle Data Feed

You can create a Froogle data feed from your product database within your Merchant Administrator. Simply submit this data file to Froogle and your catalog will be available to anyone searching the Froogle site.

Yahoo Stores Data Feed

You can create a Yahoo Stores data feed from your product database within your Merchant Administrator. Simply submit this data file to Yahoo Stores and your catalog will be available to anyone searching the Yahoo's ecommerce area.

Affiliate Tracking

Want to offer an incentive for other Web stores to sell your products and services? Now you can with PDG Commerce's affiliate tracking capability. When a customer visits your Web store by clicking a link on an affiliate's site, PDG Commerce tracks the customer from start to finish and lets you know from which affiliate they were referred. PDG Commerce contains built-in reporting options, which allow the merchant to track their affiliate sales (report shows the invoice numbers and transaction totals for each affiliate link over a specific date range).

IP Tracking

The IP number of a customer's computer will be logged in the Commerce database, as well as in your text, comma-delimited (CSV), and XML order files.

IP Blacklist

Block annoying visitors from viewing your catalog or checking out. With this feature, specify any IP address or range of IP addresses, and those computers will not be able to view your catalog or purchase items from your site.

Order and Email Encryption

Want to add an extra layer of security to your site? PDG Software supports GPG third party encryption products so that you can encrypt your vendor emails and order log files. You can then decrypt them using commercial PGP desktop applications. Please click here to access documentation that explains these compatibilities.

User Defined Fields

If you have additional information that you would like to display for your customers, PDG Commerce allows you to add your own fields to the templates and have this information passed from the Commerce database. As an added benefit, you may designate any number of user-defined fields as a searchable field.

Minimum and maximum quantity per order for a Product

This feature allows merchants to specify both a minimum number, and a maximum number, of items that must be ordered for each product. Perfect for limited quantity products (e.g. offer limited to 2 per customer) or for products that require a certain production number (e.g. customer must order minimum of 8).

XML Logging

For additional flexibility, PDG Commerce can log orders in an XML format. This allows you to import those orders into any other third party application that can read XML files.

Sales Tax

PDG Commerce allows merchants to set up multiple tax rules to accommodate customers in numerous jurisdictions (counties, city, ZIP code, state/province, and country). Users may specify the tax percentage, a taxable price for each product, the sales tax label (e.g. "Georgia Sales Tax"), and whether shipping and handling charges should be taxed to accommodate tax requirements that may vary from state to state.

Customized Zones for Sales Tax and Shipping

You can specify 'Zones' for your sales tax and shipping rules, in addition to setting these rules up by country, state, province, and postal code. You define each of your Zones as groups of countries, states, provinces, or postal codes, and then specify your sales tax and shipping rules to them. For example, you can create a "North America" zone that includes Canada, Mexico, and all of the United States excepting Hawaii.

Softgoods / Digital Products Support

Do you sell downloadable electronic files such as documentation, software, or music files? Do you need to send transaction data to your own script for generating licenses after completion of an order? PDG Commerce’s softgoods feature was designed just for you! Merchants can control how long user downloads are available and how many times the customer may download. For merchants who must generate a license key based on information collected during the transaction, Commerce allows you to send information (i.e. sku number, customer e-mail, name, invoice number, etc.) to your own custom script. The generated license key is then displayed on the final page of the transaction and in your customer's confirmation e-mail.

Compatibility with the UPS OnLine® Tools and USPS Web Tools

PDG Software is a designated UPS OnLine® Tools Product Solution Provider. All PDG Software products include UPS OnLine® Tracking and UPS OnLine® Rates & Service Selection Tools. PDG Commerce can be set up to have dialogues with the UPS web site that provide your customers with real-time shipping costs. Real-time rate quotes can be provided for individual services. Or your customers can choose to perform a rate compare, which will show all rates available between you and your customer’s ‘ship to’ address and allows the customer to see a list of UPS services and their associated real-time cost, and then choose their desired service.

Your customers can also track their shipments directly from your Web site or from the UPS Web site.

PDG Commerce offers you the ability to utilize US Postal System's Web Tools- which provides rate quotes for USPS shipping services. Real-time rate quotes can be provided for individual services, or you can offer your customers the option of viewing a comparison of all available services. Shipping costs are calculated based on weight of items ordered, dimensions of items ordered, and the destination shipping address.

With either service, you may specify additional packaging/handling fees, which will be added to the quoted amount (all charges appear as a single line item with the “shipping and handling” label specified by the merchant).


PDG Software is proud to offer the latest UPS OnLine® tool, the UPS Ship API. With this service, you can obtain accurate rates for shipments with a variety of options, including non-standard package dimensions, different package pick-up options, Saturday delivery, and more. You can schedule your shipments from your Merchant Administrator, and print shipping labels there too.

Worldship Importing

For UPS customers using WorldShip, PDG Software provides a Microsoft Access based utility to automatically import orders into your Worldship. Now you can have orders placed from your website seemlessly entered into your existing Worldship process.

Web Development Components

PDG Software offers free components that make it that much easier to integrate PDG Commerce into your Macromedia Dreamweaver®/Dreamweaver UltraDev® or Microsoft FrontPage® web site.

HTML Emails

Your PDG Commerce emails can be in HTML, with embedded images that can be included with the email. The HTML Email templates work just like the other PDG Shopping Cart templates. You can control the complete look of your customer and vendor notification emails, including complete control of any table layout as well as what specific information is included in each email.

File and CGI Includes

Just like a Server Side Include, these tags allow you to insert other HTML, ASP, Cold Fusion, CGI, or PHP data into your dynamically generated pages. You can easily add your own custom header and footer code into all Commerce templates to allow for rapid web store development and updates. When you need to make a change to a link within your site’s header, change it on your ‘header.html’ page and all of your template-based pages immediately reflect the change.

Multiple Product PreAdd and Add

Simultaneously show and add multiple items to your basket, using one click on a single page. A quantity box is displayed next to each item on the page and the user may add all desired items to their basket by clicking on an “add all items” button.

Multiple Option Add

Simultaneously add multiple product options — customers can add different variations of the same product without leaving the product page — e.g., your customer could order two of the same shirts in both yellow and red without having to add them individually to their basket.

Shared Option Definitions

Are all of your products available in small, medium, and large? Now there is no need to maintain an option list for each product. All products may share a single option listing, and as often as you change your options you may specify whether the change should apply to all products sharing the option, or to an individual product.

Real-Time Price Recalculation

Do you have products whose prices change based on some option being chosen by the customer? If so, PDG Commerce can display this price change in real-time, as soon as the option is chosen.

Enhanced Template tags for Web Store Customization

Additional tags allow for greater customization of Commerce’s dynamically generated pages.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

PDG Commerce is available for Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003, as well as multiple versions of UNIX:

Supported Platforms

  • Microsoft 2003/2000/NT
  • Linux (RedHat, Mandrake, Slackware)
  • OS X
  • Solaris (Sun)
  • FreeBSD
  • Digital Unix/Tru64

Improved Navigation in the PDG Administrator

Commerce gives users the option of using a ‘framed’ navigation bar to simplify the administration of your web store. The new administration panel also gives users the ability to go to a specify product or category by simple typing in the SKU number or category code (e.g. you no longer have to load the entire listing of products).

PDG Commerce Administration Demo

A fully functional demo of the PDG Commerce administration panel is available here.

Product Documentation & Encryption Information

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Looking For PDG Commerce V1.x/2003 Documentation/Tools?

PDG Commerce Security/Encryption Tools

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GPG Encryption Set Up Guide

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