Strategy General Ledger Financial Reporting Module

  Allows multi-company or single company processing.

  Supports a user-defined calendar and maintains monthly account totals for up to four years.

  Handles 12 or 13 fiscal periods per year with flexible ending dates.

  Automatically posts recurring journal entries.

  Produces daily, weekly or monthly reports on demand and calculates detailed or summary listings

  of all activity, in logical, useful formats.

  Integrates with other Data Systemsí applications to form a total accounting system that handles

    Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Processing, Invoicing, Payroll/

    Personnel Management, Bill of Materials, Purchase Order, Fixed Assets, and Sales Analysis.

  A flexible, powerful Financial Report Writer enables you to define financial reports in any format,

    including consolidated financial statements.

  Complete audit trails enable each transaction to be traced back to source documents.


  Automatic posting of recurring journal entries, even on a variable frequency basis.

  Daily activity audit trail reports with page breaks for each fiscal period.

  Drill Down. in G/L entries to original journal entry/module batches.

  Fast, easy journal entry with journals maintainable until update.

  Full budgeting capabilities with variances.

  G/L Account Inquiry displays activity totals and itemized detail for any account.

  G/L Departments can be columns in financial reports.

  Monthly account activity totals maintained (up to 4 years).

  No requirement for .period closing,. can keep open any period for up to 4 years.

  Prior period adjustments automatically update the current period.

  Double-entry accounting procedures virtually eliminate .out of balance. errors.

  Retained Earnings can be divided among G/L Departments.

  Trial balance is forced before detail transaction.

  Unlimited storage of G/L detail transactions.

  User-defined fiscal calendar handles 12 or 13 fiscal periods, any ending dates.

  User-defined G/L code with up to 12 digits.

  Year-end forward balance update for balance sheet accounts may be repeated if previous yearís

     data should change.


  Actual and/or budget data.

  Column and row comparisons and totals.

  Consolidated financial statements.

  Departmental reports.

  Different department columns on same report.

  Error checking during report design.

  Level subdivisions.

  Multi-period comparisons.

  Print to choice of printers or to files.

  Row percents and both dollar and percent variances.


  Up to 999 headings, totals, or detail groups.

  User-customized headings.


 Fiscal Calendar Print.

  G/L Department File Listing.

  G/L Trial Balance Reports.

  Journal Entry Activity Report.

 Monthly Activity Balance file report.

 Recurring Journal Entry Account Reference Report.

  Recurring Journal Entry Listing.