American Data Systems main goal and vision is to deliver and deploy Solutions that Simplify (STS). Every project we are invited to participate on is met with the STS Initiative.  The pace of technology is moving ever so rapidly across our lives.  End-user productivity is up front in all our projects.  If the end result does not make the daily tasks of our users simpler it provides little value.  Technology should deliver meaningful results that your staff has confidence in.

The STS Initiative - "Solutions That Simplify"

  • All tasks should be as automated and efficient as possible while maintaining the end users confidence in the end result.

 These end results should provide information that is timely and pertinent to the goals of the organization. 

As a business owner you should always be asking yourself if you are wasting the valuable time of your staff as they dire in manual chores that could readily be automated - (We call this "Diddling with Data").   Secondly,  do you know the impact that your lack of investment is having on morale.  If you have not noticed this impact you can be sure that your customers pick up on the areas where your business  can be improved.

American Data Systems was founded in 1991.  Dedicated to helping the small to medium sized business owner inject as much efficiency as possible into their company.  Please see some of our success stories ranging from the full implementation of our Strategy ERP system in less than 200 man hours to how we successfully assisted one of the largest school systems in Michigan dramatically improve how they manage their inventory of maintenance parts with our bar coding solutions.  Please visit the links to the right and explore the areas where we might be able to improve your bottom line. 

The Strategy Series - Application Suites for Manufacturing, Distribution and Custom Projects are all offered as a client hosted solution or SAAS online.  You have both options - On Demand or On Premise.

Please call us so we can discuss your objectives.  We are happy to talk on the telephone, in person or via Email.  What ever method you feel most comfortable with.  We promise to offer solutions without the usual pressure you have come to expect from the software industry.  We would value the opportunity to demonstrate our solutions over the web or in your offices.











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