Reason codes are used to categorize material, wip, or finished goods that are placed on-hold.  Items that are placed on-hold are considered unusable at the present time and must be addressed.  Reason codes can be as general or as specific as you require.  Several examples are:  Not In Tolerance, Rusty, Not to Spec, Missing paperwork, etc.  Items that are placed on-hold are subtracted from the on-hand quantity and added to the on-hold quantity.  Reason codes can be flagged to be included in the Scrap report that is provided with the NCM module.



Disposition codes represent the action that is taken to dispose of items that have been placed on-hold.  Each disposition code has an action associated with it that determines what affect it will have on the onhand and onhold quantities.   Examples of disposition codes are:  Return to Vendor, Sort-Good, Sort-Bad, Scrap, etc.  Disposition codes can be flagged to be considered rework or rejected on the Scrap report.



Entry screen for placing items on-hold and/or disposing of items also.  A Non-Conforming (NCM) tag is created.  The tag can be flagged as being one of three types if desired:  Return from Vendor, Returned from Customer, or Internal.  Each one of these types allows you to specify the vendor, customer, or employee that placed the items on hold.  The item numbers are entered along with the reason codes and quantities.  Disposition can be performed at the same time or at a later date.  NCM entries can be very specific (at the box level) or very general depending on your needs.  Free form messages are available for details. 



If the NCM entry requires a return to the vendor, a shipper can easily be printed.



A full history is maintained on each NCM entry.  Options available on this report allow you to print a report that only shows items still on-hold so these items can easily be addressed.  Other options include a selection of reason codes, disposition codes, part#ís, dates, customers, vendors, or employees.  The report is a useful tool for analyzing why items are placed on hold, how long items are on hold, and how often items need to be returned to certain vendors. 



Inquiry screen to view posted NCM tags.



A listing that shows the total amount of NCM entries that were considered scrap and out of this total, how many were rejected, reworked, and accepted.  The report will total reason and disposition codes that are flagged to be included on the scrap report and will show a summary based on the time frame selected.