Supplier Improvement Program

“Un-Clerk Your Supply Base & Uncork Productivity”

Your company has probably invested hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in core infrastructure technologies to control and support operations.  Your fundamental operational processes, such as financials, human resources, inventory control, purchasing, customer service and other operations require information from “outside the firewall” to generate the highest return on investment.

As organizations extend the requirements of their supply chain outside the firewall, especially to the smaller trading partner, the challenges presented by the technical and economic barriers of the smaller supplier hinder the progress and success of this collaborative effort.  The efficiencies that are not being achieved by the smaller trading partner have a direct impact on your bottom line.

All too often larger organizations transmit vast amounts of data upon their supplier community with the hopes that the smaller supplier will be able to manage their link in the supply chain.  In most cases the end result is that the managers at these smaller suppliers just end up being turned into clerks.  Bottlenecks develop, and instead of managing your supply requirements and their core business processes these new clerks just end up managing data.

Automating the entire”Demand and Supply” Chain is affordably achievable today.  It also comes with the additional benefit of having a truly technologically enabled trading partner. 

For the most successful organizations it is paramount that their trading partner integration programs create an environment where the supplier community appears as if they are inside the perimeter of your organization

 “Un-clerk your supply base and Uncork productivity”

It is long past the time where the expense of an inefficient supply chain can be passed on to the customer.  A closer look at the entire picture and processes of the supply chain is required.  This translates into looking beyond just transmitting EDI, XML or .CSV files.  The rewards are great for helping the supplier base introduce efficiencies into their operations, which in turn makes the entire supply chain from top to bottom more effective.

It is time to take a hard look at what happens between the transmission of a release and the receipt of an ASN. 

 Execution of the core business processes that should exist between the Release and the ASN, in most cases, are anemic in the smaller supplier.  

This is the area where the best opportunity exists to reduce costs and improve added value at the highest return.  If you believe that your supplier community should appear as if they are inside the perimeter of your organization you should be involved at this functional level.

The data that moves back and forth between your applications and the smaller supplier needs to be of the highest quality.  If you are shooting out a stream of data that is only going to be fed into an Excel spreadsheet or worse a [legal pad] the quality and efficiency of the supply chain breaks down.

However, newer and affordable information technology solutions are now available. Help your supplier base overcome the economic and technical barriers and realize the efficiency that is necessary to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Please contact us for an free analysis of how you interact with your supplier community.  We can develop an affordable program for your supply base that sets them on the road to enhanced productivity.